Contract Address: 0x1702e76a5be119e332805dc7c11be26f3857c31d

MetAces Tokenomics

Tokenomics that make sense

The Tokenomics are at core of every crypto token and put the technical abilities, as well as distribution of any crypto asset in numbers. On this page you will learn about our unique Tokenomics and how we use them to allocate funds. This is merely a rough representation to give our investors an overview of how Metaces work. We have a 9% transaction fee, that will be applied whenever you buy sell. These fees exist to fuel our Liquidity Pool, which is essential for the tradability of any asset. We also use these fees to generate an interest system, usually called “holder reflection” or “yield-farming”. This means, you will earn more tokens over time, simply by holding them. Sells within the first 24 hours of initial purchase will be taxed 20%, this helps to deter day traders trying to profit from our strong community. This will help increase MetAces Value. Remember, we have said this a million times… Our Diamond Hands are rewarded!

MetAces Smart Contract Features

Tax Breakdown

The MetAces token powers the entire ecosystem and is the sole form of currency in our marketplace. The 9% buy, 9% sell transaction fees will play a key role in the success and longevity of MetAces. These fees are used to create price stability, steady deflation, and rewards for token holders.

4% Marketing

With 3% of all transaction fees going to Marketing and Operations, we can ensure we continue to bring new volume and investors. 1% Is allocated to the continuous casino development.

2% Buyback

2% of each transaction is added to our buyback capability & added to strengthen liquidity.

2% Jackpot

2% of each transaction is added to the $50k Super Jackpot. With enough volume we may increase the Jackpot Size or have more frequent draws!

1% Reflections

Long-term holders benefit through a shared 1% reflection base. Just hold and watch your balance increase.

Token Distribution at Launch

MetAces is a truly rug-proof community-driven project with a unique transaction fee structure focused on providing holders with an opportunity to play our Casino Games, regularly win jackpots, take part in our Weekly Lottery and through our unique BuyBack and LP AutoLiquify methods we are confident the price will rise rapidly as we grow!


For complete transparency we have also published our main wallets linked to the contract:


Create/Owner: 0xf97ceD46126B30fe7d8Dfe1b185f80f7D4956109

BuyBack Wallet: 0x56b0d27c901fe5b35b33d663d5e8413505db4f22

EcoSystem Wallet BUSD: 0x90cb6fcf37f9daf726287c715e0993c98c5ed1b6

$50k Jackpot Wallet: 0x0ed2fd07b8be10e2b8737e39ad33663dc711c31b

Marketing Wallet: 0x8666cb5dbb823fbf3D464314bA221322da0ef2Cd

Casino Main Pool: 0x315c2C1eD20F30Bc46984A2677cb72c75316a73b