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MetAces is a token born to succeed. We have dedicated significant time to market research, product and contract design, tested tokenomics, and our complete rebranding to create a revolutionary token that is set to give our investors a gaming platform that ticks all the right boxes.


We encourage all investors to get to know us! We are a team of individuals that all came together in early 2021 and have had numerous investment successes together, but we aren’t immune to the scams in the crypto space.


With this project, we have created a safe and secure platform to allow our community of investors to come together and build trust in this team. We have taken the lessons learned from our previous project and we feel that we now have a fail-proof recipe for success. Along the way, we have grown a strong core community of investors who have put their faith and trust in us due to our dedication to success and unparalleled transparency.


We are fully doxxed, KYC audited, and hold weekly video chats to keep our community up to date and to take feedback from them. We care about you all and always take the time to listen to those who believe in us. We have worked tirelessly for the success of this token. We believe that all good things take time, and we can guarantee that we have put in that time and effort.


Sven Dijkstrra


Clayton van Niekerk

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You can reach out on any of our social channels alternatively you can also contact us on ourwebsite.