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About MetAces

About MetAces

Most trusted Online BSC casino

Thanks to our state-of-the-art Blockchain Integrated Platform, the highest level of data protection and customer security, a large variety of integrated smart contract security as well as innovative, revolutionary new releases, and our highly competent customer support, we can guarantee that you will always receive the best possible gaming enjoyment, security, and advice.

Our Top Features

We are more than just another “smart contract, we are the innovation you have been waiting for. See some of our top features below and judge for yourself. 

MetAces Casino

With over 3000 Games to choose from there is something for everyone

$75k Jackpot

Our Smart Contract Jackpot is Drawn once it reaches $75k. As long as you haven’t sold you stand a chance at winning!

Weekly Lotto

We will host a weekly lottery, those that choose to enter the lottery stand a chance at winning big!

Fully Audited & Tested

The contract is fully audited and independently tested by InterFi

KYC Verified

The team if fully doxxed and  KYC Verified by PinkSale.

Locked Liquidity

Liquidity is locked and there are no dev tokens!

Diamond Hand Club

Our Diamond Hand holders have a share in the casino profits.

Exclusive NFT

MetAces has its own collection of NFT’s with unique benefits.

Multiple Blockchains

MetAces will launch on multiple blockchains.